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Buying this book will NOT allow you to enter video games to get amazing loot. Sorry. What it WILL do is give your kid hours of entertainment and make their imagination run wild!


Every book sale comes with an autograph, a bookmark and a sticker.


Please make a note if you'd like us to personalize it to you or someone else! If no note is provided, we will just sign it with one of our many awesome (re: probably lame) catch phrases.


**Shipping is included in the price!


Just what is Video Game Agents?

We like to call it Men in Black but kids instead of men, and video game monsters instead of aliens.


Rogue video games. A secret agency to keep the peace. And a couple of kids in suits.

Max and Zoe are totally normal kids. As normal as kids get, anyway. They go to school. They come home and play video games. They put off their chores as long as they can. But all that changes when they’re home alone one evening and Zoe defeats the final boss in a secret game Max was able to crack.

Ding dong! The doorbell rings. They know they aren’t allowed to answer the door when their dad’s gone. Every kid knows that. But all rules go out the window when a package is delivered, then shortly after a countdown timer that reads: “This package will disappear in: 10... 9... 8...”

Max and Zoe have to act quickly. With no-one in sight, they throw open the door. The second they rip open the package, they pop out of existence and into the digital world of…



Imagine an agency, kinda Men in Black style, who exist to keep video games in check. There are some pretty crazy, pretty powerful, and pretty
bad characters lurking in video games. Everyone knows that. But did you know they sometimes get out? Enter our world? Can you imagine? Thank goodness for us, Video Game Agents exist to keep the peace. We continue to live our blissful little lives, unknowing the dangers that lurk around every corner because the VGA is here to save the day. (It’s a secret agency, though, so don’t tell anyone about it.)

From the best selling authors, Pixel Ate, known for The Accidental Minecraft Family and Pokémon-inspired Hatchamob series, comes a brand new, high action, crazy fun, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, un-put-downable (yeah, that's a thing) series called Video Game Agents. We're talking monsters. We're talking zombies. We're talking aliens. We're talking characters from video games everywhere that mingle worlds with our own, and kids with cool gadgets, crazy good fashion sense, and witty personalities get to save the day.

VGA is written for kids 8-12 years old who love video games and reading. Or even just video games. They don't have to love reading yet—this book will help them with that.

Autographed Copy of Video Game Agents Book 1

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