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If you read this book, the Ultimate Ninjas may hunt you down for the secrets it contains! Not really though. We hope.


Every book purched comes with a bookmark, a sticker and an autograph!


Please make a note if you'd like us to personalize it to you or someone else! If no note is provided, we will just sign it with one of our many awesome (re: probably lame) catch phrases.


**Shipping is included in the price!

Orphaned as a young villager, Kitsune grew up in Hoshido—an enchanted forest—among fox spirits who took her in as their own. Raised in a den with fox pups and taught their trickster ways, she dreams of the wider world. When she finally gets to leave the comfort of Hoshido, she relishes in the sites and sounds and company of others. But it doesn’t take long to learn that everything isn’t as it seems.


Peace has been stolen from the clans of Korugan by tyrannical, power hungry (ahem, OP) ninjas. Can she grow strong enough to face the Ultimate Ninjas? Will she risk it all to return rightful power to the individual clans, as well as honor to her own Fox Clan?


Side-by-side with her best buddies Ninko and Yoko—adorably mischievous fox yokai pups, her adventures take them across the entire seed of Korugan, far away from her familiar home, through treacherous biomes, into impossible battles, and hilarious experiences she’ll never forget.


She may be up against enemies far beyond her age and skill, but they lack one thing she doesn’t: the courage to seek justice in the name of her village and family they destroyed.

Autographed Copy of Kitsune the Minecraft Ninja Book 1

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