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Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Find out what thousands of kids around the world are turning off their screens to read! Follow Dad, Mom, Kate, Jack and Bruce Lee the Scar-Faced Ninja Attack Kitty from Japan (Who Smells Like Poop) and their hilarious adventures stuck inside Minecraft.

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Brand New Series from Pixel Ate!

Available Now!!!

The Minecraft world you know and love, with a brand new twist—the collecting and battling of Pokémon-style animal companions called Hatchamobs!

If you love Minecraft and Pokémon, this is a series you don't want to miss.

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Also available!

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A Men in Black style agency, but instead of aliens, it's rogue video games. Instead of men, it's kids in suits.

High action, crazy fun, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat and un-put-downable (yeah, that's a thing). We're talking monsters. We're talking zombies. We're talking aliens. We're talking characters from video games everywhere that mingle worlds with our own, and kids with cool gadgets, crazy good fashion sense, and witty personalities get to save the day.

What if video games came into the real world?


Pixel Ate is actually a team! We’re a mom and dad, who live in the Pacific Northwest. We have five kids ages 11 all the way down to 2. We don’t like to brag, but we think our kids are the best.

We live on a little bit of land that we’re slowly turning into a farm! We like having lots of space outside to run and play and we’re slowly filling it with gardens and animals. Yay for goats!

Everyone in our family loves reading- well, the baby loves chewing on books- so we thought, why not write our own stories? It’s super fun creating worlds and characters and adventures and even more fun when we know other people are enjoying them. Plus, it’s extra special when our kids get to help.

We really did have a cat named Bruce Lee the Scar-Faced Ninja Attack Kitty From Japan (Who Smells Like Poop) who got himself into all kinds of sticky situations, but sadly, he is no longer with us. He truly was a great kitty and he truly did fart a lot. Now we have an equally great kitty named Tater Tot and she is a lot less stinky, but just as loved.
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Our son hated reading. He was good at it and did not struggle, but it was a chore. He didn’t get any pleasure from the books, no feelings from the stories. Nothing we could find resonated with him. He would read for his twenty minutes a day then slam the book shut to do something- anything- else.

Until he found Minecraft chapter books. He couldn’t read them fast enough. He would burn through a book in a couple hours and beg for the next. He’d snuggle up in his bed and read all day. We’d have to force him to turn off his light at night and actually get some sleep. It was all he’d talk about around the dinner table. He constantly retold the story, relayed the jokes he couldn’t stop laughing about. He would finish one series and start another. Then another. And another.


And from those books, his love of reading was born.

We sat down with our Minecraft-loving kids, and with their help started writing stories that would be fun and engaging, that kids could fall in love with the characters and couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

So to you, the reader. Here’s the deal. Some kids seem to love reading and others just don’t. But the secret is, everyone can love reading. It’s true. All it takes is finding the right book.

We hope it’s these. But more than that, we hope whatever it is, you find it. Because reading is the best way to explore other worlds, stand in other’s shoes, and learn about things you would otherwise never get to experience.

Keep reading until you find your book. And then never stop.


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We know everyone wants Bruce the Scar-Faced Ninja Attack Kitty From Japan (Who Smells Like Poop) to live on their shirt. Or maybe one of Dad's crazy quotes. We've got you!

We're working hard behind the scenes to get super cool stuff ready for you! For now, you can grab an autographed copy of AMF book 1! Signed by yours truly to whoever you want.

More options coming soon, so keep an eye out!

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